Spa of Wonders

QC Terme, a company that comprises a constellation of wellness centres, spas and resorts in Italy and abroad, is now committed to a plan of substantial expansion beyond the national borders. To support this growth, the company felt the need to share a clear brand positioning common to all its establishments so that, wherever they are, the same promise and the same experience are guaranteed. Robilant Associati is the strategic design agency that accompanied QC Terme in the definition of the brand's DNA and the consequent design of all the main narratives: the name, the descriptor, the brand, the photographic style, the visual identity of the products and the accessories.


To describe a place without a name, RA has created “the wonder ray”. A metaphor of wonder, warmth and emotion that is born within the monogram. The brand represents the personal journey that everyone experiences at QC. An initially linear experience that gradually stimulates contact with the inner world, in which each individual, in their own personal way, is surprised and regenerated.


So what is QC? Much more than a spa centre… It is an otherworld, a place to recharge your inner energy, reawaken your desires, rediscover the intensity of the moment.


The destination. Which business does QC operate in? The business of emotions. QC is a specialist which, despite the diversity of the experiences possible, always arouses an emotion that is necessary for our well-being: wonder. A “commodity” that is accessible to everyone, subdued in this time so overwhelmed by anxiety but thanks to which we can regain both physical and mental liveliness.

QC is a suspended world, firmly rooted to the ground yet floating at the same time. A parallel world, where wonder, wherever aroused, is the key that opens the door to liveliness.

Naming and visually representing an emotion that has no name in the dictionary.

Starting from the brand, the inspiration radiates to all the main elements of the visual language in which the
“wonder ray” takes shape and becomes a speaking subject, transforming into elements linked
to nature and emotion.

Video courtesy of QC Terme